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October 6, 2010

StateVote: Source for Reporters

NCSL's StateVote is a great source for reporters before and on election night. 

When Americans go to the polls in less than a month, they will be casting their ballots in 46 states for men and women running for 6,115 state legislative seats up for election this year. In 35 states they will be deciding 150 ballot questions—including 43 citizen initiatives.

To help reporters with their coverage of the 2010 election, The National Conference of State Legislatures has launched its StateVote website. This site offers insight and analysis of election trends and offers reporters interactive maps that provide a state-by-state look at party control of legislatures, state government and governors' seats. There is also a nationwide view of ballot measures and breakdowns on some of the pivotal issues voters will decide Nov. 2.

StateVote is the most up-to-date source of information for reporters before and on Election Night. In addition, State Legislatures magazine, the blogs The Thicket and Prop* 50, will give reporters the most comprehensive information on state elections anywhere.

Make StateVote 2010 your Election Night expert source for state election and ballot measure news.

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