State Legislatures Enact More Than 500 New Energy Related Laws in 2019


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Denver – Energy policies were front and center in state legislatures during 2019, with states considering over 3,500 energy-related measures and enacting over 500-plus new laws. These polices range from electric vehicle fees and incentives to energy storage, workforce development and modernizing the grid, according to a new report issued by the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL).

The report, “2019 Legislative Energy Trends,” highlights trends in state energy policy and topics likely to take priority in 2020 and beyond. It also serves as a resource for the many state policies and considerations state legislatures have proposed in recent years and how these policies may help inform future trends. Action on most of these measures occurred in 2019, although some 2018 legislative examples are included for states that operate on a two-year legislative session.

The report includes information in the following energy related areas:

  • Clean energy
  • Fossil fuels
  • Grid modernization and infrastructure
  • Cybersecurity
  • Energy resiliency and disaster preparedness
  • Electric vehicles
  • Energy storage
  • Energy efficiency
  • Workforce development

Read the report.

NCSL is a bipartisan organization that serves the legislators and staffs of the states, commonwealths and territories. It provides research, technical assistance and opportunities for policymakers to exchange ideas on the most pressing state issues and is an effective and respected advocate for the interests of the states in the American federal system.