NCSL Welcomes New Leadership


NCSL NewsUtah Senator Curt Bramble Takes Over as President of NCSL 

Seattle—Utah state Senator Curt Bramble (R) became president of the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) during the organization’s 41st annual Legislative Summit in Seattle. Bramble succeeds Democratic Senator Debbie Smith of Nevada.

NCSL, a bipartisan organization that serves all 7,383 state lawmakers and more than 20,000 legislative staff throughout the country, alternates its leadership between the two parties annually.

“I look forward to a productive year working together with the Executive Committee and legislators from across the country to seek common sense solutions to many of the issues facing all 50 states and territories,” Bramble said.

Bramble has been a long-time member of NCSL and was elected as vice president of the NCSL in August 2013. He served as co-chair of the NCSL Standing Committees 2012-2013. In addition to being a member of multiple NCSL Standing Committees, Bramble serves on the State and Local Taxation Task Force, the Immigration and the States Task Force, and the International Affairs Task Force. He has been very active in NCSL across multiple issue areas and has participated in numerous forums addressing issues including education, transportation, energy and taxation.

Other officers elected were:

  • Iowa Senator Mike Gronstal (D), president-elect. Gronstal will serve one year as president-elect and ascend to president the following year at the NCSL Legislative Summit in 2016. Gronstal has served in the Iowa Senate since 1985 and currently serves as Senate majority leader and chairs the Rules and Administration Committee.
  • South Dakota Senator Deb Peters (R), vice president. She will become NCSL’s president-elect next year at the 2016 NCSL Legislative Summit and president in 2017. Peters has been representing District 9 in the South Dakota Senate since 2011. In the preceding years, she served consecutively in the South Dakota House of Representatives beginning in 2005.
  • Karl Aro of Maryland, staff chair. As staff vice-chair this past year, Aro has been an active member of NCSL and has been a champion in advancing NCSL’s goals and values. He has held numerous leadership positions over the past few decades in the Research and Committee Staff Section, the Legislative Staff Coordinating Committee, the Legislative Effectiveness Committee and the Redistricting and Elections Committee.
  • Raúl Burciaga of New Mexico’s Legislative Council, staff vice chair. Burciaga joined the New Mexico Legislative Council Service in 2000 after graduating from the University of New Mexico School of Law. He formerly served on the Executive Committee of NCSL’s Legal Services Staff Section, Staff Chair of NCSL’s Standing Committee on Health, and NCSL Task Force on Federal Health Care Reform.

NCSL is governed by a 63-member Executive Committee, elected yearly, which includes both legislators and staff, under the leadership of seven officers.

NCSL is a bipartisan organization that serves the legislators and staffs of the states, commonwealths and territories. It provides research, technical assistance and opportunities for policymakers to exchange ideas on the most pressing state issues and is an effective and respected advocate for the interests of the states in the American federal system.