Capitol Ideas

Capitol Ideas is a periodic listing of story ideas and background information from new NCSL research. For more information, contact NCSL's Press Team.

A Constitutional Right to Hunt and Fish

Hunting and fishing are occasional pastimes for some, but for others, they are serious pursuits that should be guarded in state constitutions. Thirteen states currently guarantee the right to hunt and fish in their constitutions. Arizona citizens, however, voted down a ballot initiative to do so in 2010. Voters in Kentucky and Wyoming will get the chance to decide this issue after the legislatures passed bills putting the question on their ballots in 2012. More

Prevention for All!

Although cardiovascular disease is the nation’s No. 1 killer of men and women, it’s often preventable. The Affordable Care Act requires new health plans to cover a number of preventive services at no cost to patients, including many that can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. More

Putting the Brakes on Teen Driving Deaths

In the past decade teen driving deaths have declined, but not far enough for some state lawmakers who are working on ways to further reduce teen-driving fatalities. More

Without Further Ado

At long last, the Institute of Medicine released its report to HHS on how to define the minimum or essential health care benefits that will be required in health insurance policies as part of federal health reform. Beginning in 2014, policies offered in state-run insurance exchanges will have to comply with the new federal standards of “essential coverage.” More