Capitol Ideas

Capitol Ideas is a periodic listing of story ideas and background information from new NCSL research. For more information, contact NCSL's Press Team.

Ballot Initiatives Surging

The number of measures on state ballots this year is expected to  grow dramatically over the summer. To keep up, NCSL has created an initiative and referendum database. Since the filing deadlines in the most active initiative states are in July and August, it will most likely be August or September before we have a clear picture of what’s going on in places like Colorado, Arizona, Washington and Oregon. More

Does experience count?

It is likely that a majority of state legislators in 2013 will have served for two years or fewer. An NCSL analysis reaches this conclusion based on a combination of factors related to turnover in 2010 and redistricting in 2012. More

Immigration Laws Decline

Although immigration continues to garner much attention in state legislatures, the number of immigration bills dropped significantly in 2012. Bill introductions declined 44 percent compared to this time last year, while enacted legislation fell by 30 percent. NCSL’s Immigration Policy Project report explains the reasons for the decline. More

‘Caylee’s Law’ Sweeps States

Concerns stemming from the death of Caylee Anthony have prompted state lawmakers to consider legislation, often dubbed “Caylee’s law,” which criminalizes the failure to report a missing or dead child. Kansas and Connecticut recently enacted legislation, and more than 30 states have filed bills. More