Capitol Ideas

Capitol Ideas is a periodic listing of story ideas and background information from new NCSL research. For more information, contact NCSL's Press Team.

Password Privacy

At least nine states are considering legislation to prevent employers from requesting social media usernames and passwords from applicants and employees. The states include California, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, South Carolina and Washington. While many of the bills are still in committee, Maryland lawmakers passed one such bill on April 7. The bill is awaiting the governor’s signature. More

Tolling in the Deep

With the purchasing power of fuel taxes declining, states are turning to a tried and true method of funding transportation projects: tolls. According to NCSL data, tolling is a growing source of revenue in more than 30 states, and most states have enacted tolling legislation. More

States Go Green

In the past year, 26 states enacted more than 55 bills related to energy efficiency. Much of this legislation focused on addressing the up-front costs of energy efficiency upgrades through financing, similar to many of the renewable energy bills passed in the last year. Legislation also covered energy efficiency standards and goals, green building codes, energy efficiency improvements and promoting energy efficiency and savings. More