An Early Read on the Nation’s Political Mood


NCSL press release

Denver—Next Tuesday, voters in Mississippi, New Jersey and Virginia will determine the outcome of 394 of the nation’s 7,383 legislative seats. Twenty-one legislative seats in other states will also be up via special election. Governors’ seats in Kentucky and Mississippi will be on the ballot. Voters will also weigh in on a total of 20 statewide ballot measures.

Additionally, voters in Louisiana will go to the polls Nov. 16 to decide on 144 legislative seats and the governor’s chair.

The National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) offers complete pre and post-election coverage for legislative and state control on its 2019 StateVote webpage.

Beyond legislative and state control, next month’s outcome is a significant glance at who will have redistricting responsibility in 2021, after new census data are released. NCSL offers an Election Dates for Legislators and Governors Who Will Do Redistricting.

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