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July 22, 2010

A Legacy of Hope

An Army family talks to policymakers about resources for mentally ill soldiers returning from deployments.

Major General Mark Graham and his wife, Carol know sorrow too well. The Grahams lost two sons in military service. One was killed in action in Iraq, and the other, a senior ROTC student at the University of Kentucky studying to be an Army doctor, committed suicide eight months earlier.

The Grahams will speak to legislators and legislative staff from across the country on Sunday, July 25 as part of the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) 36th annual Legislative Summit in Louisville, Ky.

The Grahams Rising in the Ranks session will discuss the importance of recognizing untreated mental health issues among servicemen in the military.

The Grahams will be available for interviews after the session. Members of the media are invited to attend but will need to register in the NCSL press room, 113 at the Kentucky International Convention Center beforehand. Although registration is required, NCSL does not charge a fee to credentialed members of the media. Please review NCSL media policy before registering.

NCSL’s Summit provides the perfect opportunity for policymakers to exchange ideas on the most pressing issues facing states today. And it gives reporters story ideas, new contacts and insight into how issues in their states compare nationally. All policy sessions are open to credentialed members of the media, any recording or live shots need to be preapproved by NCSL.

Rising in the Ranks

Army Major General Mark Graham and Carol Graham
Sunday, July 25, 2010
Noon – 1:30 pm
Rooms 110-111
Kentucky International Convention Center (KICC)
NCSL Legislative Summit
*Media registration is required, room 113 KICC

NCSL is a bipartisan organization that serves the legislators and staffs of the states, commonwealths and territories. It provides research, technical assistance and opportunities for policymakers to exchange ideas on the most pressing state issues and is an effective and respected advocate for the interests of the states in the American federal system.