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podcastNCSL talks with the experts and drills down into the details of public policy relevant to those working in state legislatures. Tune in for discussions on everything from state education policy and criminal justice reform to redistricting and state budgets.

LATEST EPISODE | How Two New Federal Laws Will Change the Energy System | OAS Episode 174

podcastNCSL CEO Tim Storey hosts guests who share fresh perspectives on the world of legislatures. Storey promises that if you listen carefully, you will finish every podcast with at least one juicy epiphany to help you be better at what you do, whether that is making laws or simply going about your day.

LATEST EPISODE | Terry Gerton: A Public Service Champion | LTIS Episode 14

podcast Across the Aisle tells stories of bipartisanship and how it comes about. We’ll hear how state legislators connect across party lines to get things done, sometimes in unlikely ways, and how they build relationships that allow them to work together on common goals.

LATEST EPISODE | Bipartisanship and Mt. Kilimanjaro | ATA Episode 1

podcast This six-part series covers the history, characters and stories of state legislatures in America, from their beginnings in Jamestown, Va., to present day and into the future. Tune in and hear about the historical events that helped shape, and in some cases almost derailed, the legislatures we know today.

LATEST EPISODE | 21st-Century Legislatures | BD Episode 6