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Plugged In | September 2023

September 5, 2023

The New York Times 

 Judge Rules in Favor of Montana Youths in a Landmark Climate Case  

A landmark lawsuit in Montana ruled that the state must consider the impacts of climate change when deciding whether to approve or renew fossil fuel projects. The decision could pave the way for similar court challenges in other states.

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Route Fifty 

Gulf Coast Carbon Capture Gets $1 Billion Boost from Biden Administration  

The Biden administration announced $1 billion of funding was awarded to two Gulf Coast facilities to use direct air carbon capture technology to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

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Energy News Network 

Illinois Wants to Keep Old Solar Panels from Piling Up in Landfills  

Recently enacted legislation in Illinois considers banning the dumping of solar equipment in landfills. Advocates hope the law will facilitate the development of more affordable recycling options for solar panels.

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Virtual Power Plants to Provide Power to ERCOT Grid for the First Time, PUCT Says 

Texas is permitting two virtual power plants to provide power to the state’s electric grid, allowing consumer-owned energy devices to participate in the wholesale electricity market.

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Boston Globe 

Offshore Wind Project Revolution Wind Gets Federal Approval  

Revolution Wind received federal approval, thus becoming the fourth large-scale offshore wind project approved in the U.S. The project is expected to power almost 250,000 homes in Rhode Island and Connecticut.

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U.S. Department of Energy Announces Over $450 Million to Increase Access to Rooftop Solar Power for Puerto Rico Residents  

The Department of Energy announced up to $453 million in funding to increase rooftop solar PV and battery storage installations in Puerto Rico. The funding aims to enhance the energy resilience of the territory’s most vulnerable residents. 

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The Guardian 

A Renewable Energy Battery Plant Will Rise in US Where a Steel Mill Once Stood 

An energy storage company is building its main manufacturing plant at the site of a closed West Virginia steel plant, suggesting that deindustrialized communities can be revitalized with green jobs.  

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The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 

Is a Hydrogen Highway in Georgia’s Future? The State Wants to Find Out

With the prevalence of hydrogen fuel expected to increase in future decades, Georgia officials are interested in deploying hydrogen fueling stations to power vehicles across the state.  

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