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Plugged In | May 2024

May 6, 2024


Biden Marks Earth Day with New Solar Energy Funds and Steps to Stand Up American Climate Corps

President Joe Biden unveiled $7 billion in funding as part of the EPA’s Solar for All program to improve solar accessibility for low-income households and disadvantaged communities.

The Guardian

New Rule Compels US Coal-fired Power Plants to Capture Emission–or Shut Down

The EPA issued a rule imposing new limits on greenhouse gas emissions from coal and natural gas power plants.

Energy News Network

Illinois Bills Seek to Regulate Carbon Dioxide Pipelines and Sequestration

Illinois introduced legislation to regulate carbon dioxide pipeline and sequestration projects as the state’s sandstone geology is ideal for carbon sequestration.

Route Fifty

States Explore New Incentives to Lower the Costs of EVs

In addition to federal incentives, many states are considering rebate programs to improve electric vehicle affordability.

Energy News Network

Virginia Lawmakers Reached a Compromise on Energy Efficiency–Here’s What it Will Mean for Utilities and Regulators

Virginia passed bipartisan legislation to strengthen energy efficiency standards and require utility regulators to develop a test to measure the cost-effectiveness of efficiency programs.

Utility Dive

Energy Department Finalizes Rule to Phase Out Fossil Fuels in Federal Buildings

New standards for federal buildings will require the elimination of onsite emissions from all new projects and major renovations by 2030.


Networked Geothermal is Catching on in Minnesota. New Legislation Aims to Push the Technology Further

Minnesota legislators have introduced a number of bills to support the adoption of geothermal networks to connect low-emission heating and cooling to multiple buildings.

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