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Plugged In | May 2023

May 1, 2023

Nuclear Power and the Clean Energy Transition  

Nuclear power’s share of carbon free electricity in the U.S. has declined over recent decades. However, as decarbonization has become a greater energy policy priority, states have begun to reconsider the role of nuclear power in the energy transition.

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Performance-Based Regulation: Harmonizing Electric Utility Priorities and State Policy

New technologies, changing consumer behavior and government policies in the electrical sector are creating financial challenges for utilities and have led states to enact policies allowing performance-based regulation. 

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US Department of Energy’s Strategy to Advance Offshore Wind Energy in the United States

The Department of Energy revealed the Offshore Wind Energy Strategy as its plan for achieving the Biden administration’s goal of building 30 GW of offshore wind energy by 2030.   

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California’s Grid Operator Calls for $9.3B in Transmission Investments Over Next Decade

With over 40 GW of new energy resources expected over the next decade, California Independent System Operator released a draft plan with 46 transmission projects necessary to meet the state’s energy needs.  

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U.S. Department of Energy Announces $40 Million as Part of New ARPA-E Program Focused on Improving Reliability, Resiliency, and Security of Power Infrastructure 

The Department of Energy announced $40 million in funding to support the undergrounding of electric powerlines to strengthen the reliability of the distribution grid in urban and suburban areas.   

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New Kansas Law will Reduce Blinking Lights on Wind Turbines  

The Kansas Legislature passed a bill reducing the blinking of red lights on wind turbines. The previously constantly blinking lights must be turned off unless an aircraft is nearby. 

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In Big Climate Move, EPA Set to Unveil Tough Limits on Auto Emissions   

The Environmental Protection Agency announced new tail pipe emissions regulations for model years 2027 to 2032. The proposed regulations are expected to increase electric vehicle sales drastically over the next decade.   

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Proposed Federal Rule Would Regulate Coal Plant Wastewater for the First Time 

New proposed rules from the Environmental Protection Agency would place standards on the wastewater released from coal plants and could speed up the closure of plants as a result.  

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New Hampshire Bill Would Offer New Path for Utilities to Procure Electricity  

Amid rising electricity prices, New Hampshire introduced a bill that would allow electric distribution utilities to purchase power directly from generators instead of soliciting new energy sources through wholesale markets.   

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