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Plugged In | February 2023

February 7, 2023

NCSL Energy Security Legislative Review

Energy Emergency Response, Restoration and Recovery

The third and final installment of NCSL’s 2021-2022 Energy Security Report reviews actions state legislatures have taken over the last two years to ensure a rapid response to energy emergencies, prompt restoration of service, and successful, resilient recovery. Also, don’t miss the first two installments on Cyber and Physical Security and Disaster Planning and Ensuring Reliable Service, and NCSL’s recent Town Hall discussion on Energy Security.

Journal of Critical Infrastructure Policy  

Nuclear Policy in the States: A National Review 

NCSL staff contributed to the latest issue of the “Journal of Critical Infrastructure Policy,” which contains several articles focusing on nuclear power in the U.S. and its role in decarbonization, economic development and resilience. NCSL’s article, “Nuclear Policy in the States: A National Review,” highlights recent state and federal policies to support the existing fleet of nuclear reactors and incentivize the development of the next generation of nuclear power technologies.


Study Identifies States with Best Opportunities to Cut Costs and Emissions by Updating Building Codes and Using Federal Climate Funds 

Updating building energy codes could help states cut energy usage by a third in new buildings. A study from the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy highlights which states could benefit the most from federal funding designated to help update building energy codes.

EE News

N.Y. Weighs East Coast’s First Statewide Building Gas Ban

New York’s governor has called for the phasing out of fossil fuel heating in existing residential and commercial buildings. The proposed ban has been met with resistance from both state legislators and natural gas advocates.

How Texas’ Electricity Plan Could Change the Grid 

Two years after a major winter storm, the Texas Public Utility Commission approved a plan designed to improve the reliability of the state’s power grid by incentivizing the increased use of natural gas plants.

Utility Dive 

Electricity Prices Surged 14.3% in 2022, Double Overall Inflation: US Report

Electricity prices increased drastically in 2022 as consumers paid 14.3% more for electricity than in 2021. The rising electricity costs hit low-income consumers the hardest with millions of households falling behind on their utility bills. 

DOE and FEMA Release One-Year Progress Report on Joint Effort to Modernize Puerto Rico’s Grid With 100% Clean Energy

A one-year progress report for the Puerto Rico Grid Resilience and Transition to 100% Renewable Study finds that Puerto Rico’s renewable energy potential exceeds the current and projected energy demand.

U.S. Department of Energy Awards $118 Million to Accelerate Biofuel Production

Funds will go to 17 projects to advance biorefinery development to increase the production of sustainable biofuels and reduce fossil fuel emissions. 


Wind Farms Deliver Economic Jolt to Rural Middle America

Wind farms have given rural counties in the U.S. a significant economic boost. Seven of the top 10 counties with the largest GDP increases since 2019 have recently developed wind energy projects.

Power Magazine

New Mexico Transmission Line Will Support Renewable Energy Development 

A transmission project approved in New Mexico will develop a 400-mile high-voltage direct current line that will move up to 4 GW of renewable energy throughout the Four Corners region.

More Energy News 

NARUC Digs into Commercial EV Charging Rates as Federal Government Requires States to Review Offers 

Biden’s Offshore Wind Plan Could Create Thousands of Jobs, but Challenges Remain



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