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Cryptocurrency 2023 Legislation

Thirty-nine states, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia have introduced or pending legislation regarding cryptocurrency, digital or virtual currencies and other digital assets in the 2023 legislative session.

2023 Consumer Data Privacy Legislation

State legislatures have long been involved in regulating privacy of various types of information or of specific industry sectors. For example, laws protecting student information, individuals’ social security numbers, medical information and other types of information.

Blockchain 2022 Legislation

Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology that records and shares every transaction that occurs in the network of users. This page summarizes the 2022 blockchain, smart contracts and verifiable credentials state legislation.

Cryptocurrency 2021 Legislation

2021 state legislation regarding cryptocurrencies and digital and virtual currencies. Digital or virtual currencies are a medium of exchange but are not regular money.

Direct Shipment of Alcohol State Statutes

The majority of states have statutory provisions that allow for out-of-state manufacturers to ship alcoholic beverages directly to consumers. The majority of states restrict the direct shipments to wine.