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2023 Event Ticket Sales Legislation

Legislation introduced in 2023 has centered around ticket sales regulation in the primary and secondary ticket sales markets, bots, fees, price transparency, refunds and taxes.

CFI Committee Newsletter | November 2023

Discover the latest updates for state legislators: Cyberattacks and the energy system, FCC to reestablish open internet protections, Federal Housing Administration expands access to mortgage financing and 2023 consumer credit card market report.


Right to Repair 2023 Legislation

Right to repair legislation is directed at the ability of consumers to repair their own products instead of going back to the original manufacturer for service. Right to repair legislation includes bills addressing specific products, like wheelchairs, and those targeting broader categories, such as medical, digital or agricultural equipment.

CFI Committee Newsletter | October 2023

Discover the latest updates for state legislators: NCSL urges Congress to support cannabis banking, a new survey regarding access to Wi-Fi and obstacles to employment, cybersecurity awareness month, NCSL Forecast’24, mortgage market activity and trends from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.