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NCSL YNP Newsletter | Spring 2024

The NCSL YNP Newsletter is a biannual collection of news, events and member profiles created by and for legislators and legislative staff who are new to the legislature. 

NLPES Sponsored Webinar: Covert Testing and Secret Shopper Techniques

Have you ever wanted to cast aside the green eyeshades and go undercover? Our next professional development webinar will help you do just that. 

Mark your calendars for Wednesday, May 1, 1 p.m. ET, for an NLPES webinar on covert testing and secret shopper techniques. 

2024 Transportation Spring Webinar Series

Join these webinars find out more about expanding passenger rail across the country, ways to replace declining gas tax revenue and addressing America's traffic safety crisis.

2024 NREE Spring Webinar Series

Explore vital topics in environmental sustainability, energy efficiency, and wildlife protection. Join us for insightful webinars on climate training, energy affordability, and combating chronic wasting disease. Don't miss out!

GDO and Grid Modernization Efforts in the States

The DOE Grid Deployment Office is investing billions in funding for states to improve grid reliability and modernize grid operations. This webinar will highlight a few GDO-funded state grid improvement projects from around the U.S. 

Unpacking the Elements of Extended Producer Responsibility

Over the past two decades, state lawmakers have demonstrated growing interest in extended producer responsibility (EPR), a policy approach that assigns producers greater responsibility for the end-of-life management of the products they introduce to the market. EPR programs aim to reduce public spending on waste management, increase recycling, and contribute to innovations in product design. While initially focused on products such as electronics and paint, the emphasis is now on plastic packaging, solar panels and lithium-ion batteries. This webinar will explore the evolution of EPR and associated policies to revitalize recycling.

Protecting Livestock and Wildlife: The Fight Against Chronic Wasting Disease

Chronic Wasting Disease is a contagious degenerative infection that has been known to have significant impacts on cervids for decades. Concern in the scientific community about CWD’s potential spread to livestock, especially cattle, has been rising in recent years. Join NCSL for an overview of CWD and information about what states and the federal government is doing to protect America’s food supply chain from potential contamination and impacts.  

Energy Efficiency for Low-Income Households and Renters

Low-income households across the U.S. have higher energy burdens, but also typically have less access to energy efficiency services. This webinar will cover the main obstacles and the opportunities legislators can take to improve energy affordability through energy efficiency measures. 

The Great Outdoors: New Frontiers for Youth and Veteran Job Training

Last year the Biden administration launched the American Climate Corps to train 20,000 Americans, including youth, veterans and disadvantaged populations in high-quality high-demand energy, conservation and climate fields. Join NCSL for an overview of this effort, including information about program components such as the AmeriCorps NCCC Forest Corps, which is focused on national forest and grassland conservation, and the Working Lands Climate Corps, which is focused on workforce training in climate conscious agriculture and conservation. Hear about new opportunities this program can bring to your state.