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NCSL Support for the Efforts of the National Institute for Civil Discourse (Memorial Resolution)

WHEREAS, in recent years public confidence in government at all levels has been on the decline due to dissatisfaction with partisan gridlock, name-calling and rhetoric, and a lack of civility among elected officials;
WHEREAS, the NCSL and a growing number of state legislatures have taken steps to counter this culture of political dysfunction by learning better ways to listen, discuss, and work with one another; 

WHEREAS, nine states have already participated in training workshops titled, “Building Trust through Civil Discourse” offered by Next Generation, a program of the National Institute for Civil Discourse (NICD), showing their dedication to improving the functionality of their General Assemblies and supporting the creation of a sustainable network of legislators dedicated to improving relationships among elected officials and creating a culture where compassionate communication and mutual respect typify policy formation;
WHEREAS, the National Institute for Civil Discourse  was created to help establish and expand national efforts to improve civility within Congress as well as all fifty states. By bringing together federal and state elected officials with the pubic and the media, NICD is committed to improving the connection among the three areas and establishing more transparency, trust, and communication between all three.
NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, the National Conference of State Legislatures supports and encourages the efforts of the National Institute for Civil Discourse and its vision for the formation and expansion of a National Network of Civil State Legislators.

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