Redistricting and Elections Standing Committee


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Overview and Membership

See a list of the NCSL Standing Committee officers, members and NCSL contacts for the Redistricting and Elections Standing Committee. 


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Getting Ready to Redistrict

NCSL is excited to announce it will host a series of five redistricting seminars throughout 2019-2021. The five intensive redistricting seminars are intended to help prepare for the once-a-decade task.



Redistricting & Elections Standing Committee


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Election Administration

This webpage serves as a table of contents for NCSL's election adminstration information.


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Latest on Redistricting

Read a wide range of articles from the NCSL Blog related to redistricting. 


Redistricting and Election Themes

NCSL’s Redistricting and Elections Standing Committee works on election administration policies such as voter ID, online voter registration, security and polling place operations; redistricting operations, such as technology, changes at the census and timelines; redistricting litigation and what it means for the future; preparation for covering legislative races and tracking legislative action on campaign finance.