NCSL Transportation Policy Directives for Consideration in 2012

Updated June 26, 2012

In 2012, all of NCSL's state-federal policies must be approved or re-approved at NCSL's Legislative Summit (Chicago, Ill., Aug. 6 - 9) to remain the official position of NCSL. The NCSL Standing Committee on Transportation has a total of seven policy directives that require approval or reapproval by the committee before they go on for approval by the full conference at the annual business meeting.

This page includes links to each policy directive that the committee will take up during the 2012 Legislative Summit, with quick status updates. For those policy directives not previously approved by the committee, the linked PDF shows the changes that have been suggested in committee discussions so far.

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Proposed Policy Directives and Status Updates

Please click here to view the committee’s active policies.

If you have any questions on the policy directives, please contact NCSL staff to the Transportation Committee Ben Husch (202-624-5949) or Jennifer Arguinzoni (202-624-8691).

NCSL's Policy Process and Standing Committees

NCSL is nationally recognized as a formidable lobbying force in Washington, D.C. Year-in and year-out, the organization effectively works to enhance the role of states and state legislatures in the federal system. We oppose unfunded federal mandates and preemption of state authority, and seek to provide state legislatures the flexibility they need to innovate and be responsive to the unique needs of the residents of each state.

These state-federal activities are guided by NCSL's 12 standing committees. These committees develop the official policy statements that determine our positions on the wide range of federal actions that affect the states. Most NCSL proposed policy positions originate in one or more of the standing committees and must be approved at either the fall or spring business meeting and the annual business meeting to become the official position of NCSL. 

The standing committees, whose jurisdictions are similar to those of committees in state legislatures, are made up of legislators and legislative staff from the 50 states and the territories.  The NCSL Standing Committee on Transportation has jurisdiction over the full range of state-federal transportation issues including transportation funding and finance, highways, transit, rail, aviation, commercial vehicles, waterways and ports,  traffic safety, drivers licensing, REAL ID and more.