Consolidated Listing of DOE Online Resources for the Energy Efficiency Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) Program

Searchable FAQ page for EECBG:

Online resources for EECBG by Topic:

EECBG Main Pages

• EECBG Program Home Page

• EECBG Program Guidance Page

• EECBG Solution Center  


• EECBG - Recovery Act Benefits Calculator

• EERE Recovery Act Activities

• Archived webcasts

Buy America and Rebates Pages

• Buy American webpage for EERE

• Guidance on the Buy American provision as applied to Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Projects funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009

• Buy American FAQs

• EECBG Guidance for Rebates

Davis Bacon Pages

• EECBG 10-004 Davis Bacon Act

• EECBG 10-005 Guidance on Davis Bacon Act for Individual Homeowners

• Davis Bacon Act FAQs

Financing Pages

• EECBG 10-002 Revolving Loan Funds under the EECBG — Formula and Competitive

Historic Preservation Pages


• Historic Preservation

NEPA Pages

• EECBG 10-003 National Environmental Policy Act NEPA / Wastestreams

• NEPA Guidance


EECBG Competitive Grants Pages

• Competitive grants main page

• Competitive Funding Opportunity Announcement

• Competitive grants FAQs

EECBG Formula Grants Pages

• EECBG 10-001 Contracting Officer Approval of Sub-grants and Loans Under EECBG — Formula

• Formula Funding Opportunity Announcement

• Formula methodology
– Federal_Register_Notice_04_15_09.pdf

• State and local formula allocations

• Tribal formula allocations

• Formula post-award procurement questions

• Formula appeal decisions