Agriculture and Energy Committee 2011 Fall Forum Presentations

Deficit Reduction & the Farm Bill – What’s on the Horizon?:
 This session highlighted how a the ongoing deficit reduction conversation may impact programs set for reauthorization by Congress in FY2012, such as the upcoming Farm Bill Reauthorization. 


Michael Bird, Senior Federal Affairs Counsel, NCSL (PowerPoint Presentation)
Adam D. Basford, Florida Farm Bureau (PowerPoint Presentation)
Max Behlke, Policy Specialist, NCSL (PowerPoint Presentation)

Mining Energy Efficiency, the Nation’s Most Affordable Fuel:
This session reviewed opportunities for mining energy efficiency and explored policies that can help utilities, consumers and businesses tap into this large energy resource. Panelists:

Johanna Zetterberg, U.S. DOE, Office of the Weatherization and Intergovernmental Program  (no presenatation available) 

Regulating Regulations:
This session allowed legislators to hear from a range of stakeholders on the cumulative impact of pending and final rules from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), explore when and how cost benefit analysis comes into play during the development of EPA regulations, and learn about efforts in Congress to reign in EPA regulations. 


Nathan Bowen, National Association of State Departments of Agriculture (no presentation available)
Sean Rolland, Association of Clean Water Administrators (PowerPoint Presentation)
John M. Cassady, National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (no presentation available)
Jeff Clark, Environmental Protection Agency (PowerPoint Presentation)