Legislative Effectiveness Committee

Louisville, KY
July, 2010

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What is deliberation?

  • Learning the concerns people have about an issue.
  • Identifying the consequences, costs, and benefits associated with various approaches.
  • Exhibiting a willingness to examine all sides of possible choices.
  • Working through the inherent conflicts.
  • Finding a shared sense of direction or common ground for public action. 

What are deliberative forums? 

  • Deliberative forums are conversations that provide opportunities for adults and older youth to deliberate challenging public issues of the day.
  • Deliberative forums address community-relevant topics such as the economy, health care, immigration, and crime. Anyone can organize a forum, but most are organized by civic, service, and religious organizations, libraries, high schools, and colleges.
  • Forums are different from everyday conversations or adversarial debates in that the participants engage in deliberation of 3 or 4 approaches to addressing or solving a particular issue. The forums present each issue in a neutral, not-partisan way that encourages people to take a fresh look at the topic and at their own convictions.

How can I learn to address local issues more effectively?

1)     Moderator Training Workshop 

Global Horizon’s moderator training is a 1-day workshop designed to teach the skills of convening, moderating, and recording deliberative conversations.

2)     Issue Framing Workshop

Global Horizons’ issue framing training may be used to analyze, describe and present an issue for effective deliberation in a forum setting. The issue framing workshop teaches the skills necessary to frame issues, including conducting surveys, researching and creating possible approaches, and writing an issue book. This allows you to apply moderating skills in deliberations on topics as diverse as regional environmental issues, empowering under-represented communities, economic development, determining private organizations’ priorities, or immigration. Because this technique requires a thorough understanding of the conversation approach, only those who have completed moderator training may participate in this workshop.