Legislative Effectiveness Standing Committee Meeting

Aug. 8-11, 2011

San Antonio, Texas

Meeting Session: Tools for Stressful Times
Overview and Faculty:

Legislators faced tough decisions in the 2011 session, and there will be more hard work in 2012. A noted national expert provided advice about time management, dealing with stress and balancing work, family and community responsibilities.

Speaker: Mike Collins, Perfect Workday Company, North Carolina

Summary: Mike Collins engaged the group by helping participants determine the stresses in their lives and personal trigger points (“what gets your goat”). He described the impact of death, job change, money troubles and other events in our lives and helped people establish personal rituals to allow them to relax and refocus when dealing with stressful situations. Using the process, you can pull yourself into a positive frame of mind even if others are pressuring you. In these situations, Mike stressed looking at:
  • What’s the fun in this?
  • What strength can I use?
  • What strength can I build?

Mike spent some time helping the group to look at positivity in broader terms. He had each participant identify five key areas of positivity in their lives and gave tips on how to keep that perspective at hand as stresses occurr in the workplace. For each situation we incur, there is an active event, a belief and a consequence. Our understanding of our ability to control our belief can help us consistently respond well to this stress.

He also highlighted the amount of time we all spend worrying about things we cannot control and noted that we need to plan our best and have confidence in our ability to adjust when circumstances require us to do so. Lastly, he led the participants through an exercise where they charted their well-being in categories of health, work, relationships and mental state and gave suggestions for how to deal with the assessments.