NCSL Legislative Effectiveness Committee

Committee Description

The NCSL Legislative Effectiveness Committee examines strategies, practices and procedures for making legislators, staff and legislatures more effective. The committee focuses both on key skills for legislators and on key operations and powers of state legislature. The issues include education and training for legislators and legislative staff, legislative structure and management, rules and procedures, leadership, committees, staffing, information resources, constitutional issues and ethics. The committee also addresses topics concerning the executive branch of government and Congressional procedures and reform.


Civic Education
Congressional Procedures and Reform
Executive Branch
Legislative Committees
Legislative Computer Systems
Legislative Ethics
Legislative Expenditures
Legislative Leadership
Legislative Operations
Legislative Orientation / Training
Legislative Program Evaluation
Legislative Rules and Procedures

Legislative Staff
Legislative Structure
Legislator and Staff Training
Media Relations
Open Meetings
Public Information
Public Records
Separation of Powers
State Privacy Policies
Term Limits