Legislative Effectiveness Committee

Louisville, KY

July, 2010


Deliberative Questions:

A Quick Guide for Moderators of Community Conversations 



  • How has this issue affected you personally?
  • Has anyone had a personal experience that illustrates this problem?
  • Within your family or circle of friends, is this an important issue?
  • What makes this issue real for us? 


  • What things are most valuable to people who support this option?
  • What is appealing about this option?
  • What makes this option a poor idea - or a good one? 


  • What do you like most / least about this choice?
  • It sounds like you feel strongly in support of/against this choice. What about this choice troubles / appeals to you?
  • What is the strongest argument against / in favor of this choice?
  • Phrased in a positive light, what seems to be most important to those who are attracted to this choice? 


  • What would result from doing what this option proposes?
  • What could be the consequences of doing what this option suggests?
  • What costs are at stake and can we live with them? in order to achieve                         ____?
  • Would you give up                    ·
  • What tradeoffs are you willing or not willing to make? 


  • What do you see as the tensions between the options?
  • Where are the conflicts that grow out of what we've said about this issue?
  • Why is this issue so difficult to decide?
  • What are the "gray areas?"
  • What remains unsolved for this group?



  • What direction seems best, or where do we want to go with this?
  • What tradeoffs are we willing to accept? What tradeoffs are we unwilling to accept?
  • What common ground can we detect in this group to provide guidance to policymakers?
  • What are we willing to do as individuals or a community?
  • What actions did you hear that you sensed we could not accept or live with?
  • What seemed important to all of us?
  • Have we come to some common ground to support certain actions? What are those actions?