Monday, August 8Tuesday, August 9 | Thursday, August 11

Monday, August 8

3:00 pm–4:00 pm

21st Century Self-Assessment: A New Tool for Legislative Agencies

CC 215, Concourse Level - 2

NCSL introduces a self-assessment guide for legislative agencies, helping them focus on values, behaviors and management benchmarks to identify priorities for change. Crafted by legislative staff leaders, this tool will help you stay on top of shifting legislative demands.

  • Julie Pelegrin, Assistant Director, Office of Legislative Legal Services, Colorado
  • Brian Weberg, Program Director, Legislative Management Program, NCSL
Tuesday, August 9

12:00 pm–1:30pm

Tools for Stressful Times
(Co-sponsored by the Women’s Legislative Network, Leadership Staff Section and National Legislative Program Evaluation Society)

CC 213B, Concourse Level - 2

Legislators faced tough decisions in the 2011 session, and there will be more hard work in 2012. A noted national expert will share advice about time management, dealing with stress and balancing work, family and community responsibilities. Learn the strategies that will help you to be better prepared for the work that lies ahead, and to help your constituents facing difficult situations. The session includes lunch for committee and network members.

Speaker: Mike Collins, Perfect Workday Company, North Carolina

1:45 pm – 3:15 pm

Caucus Strategic Planning
(Co-sponsored by the Women’s Legislative Network)

CC 213B, Concourse Level - 2

Legislative caucuses need to plan ahead to craft their message, achieve policy and budget successes and promote their individual members. This session shares tips on strategic planning initiatives that identify priorities and energize a caucus.

Moderator: Tom Wright, Senior Staff to the Speaker of the House, Alaska


  • Christopher Rants, President, The Legacy Foundation, Iowa, (former Speaker of the Iowa House of Representatives)
  • Representative Anna Fairclough, Alaska
  • Representative Marilyn Lee, Hawaii

3:30 pm – 5:00 pm

Legislative Staff University: Ethics at the Box Office

CC 217BC, Concourse Level - 2

Hollywood films often feature ethical dilemmas, mirroring ones we face in real life. This lively and interactive workshop puts you in the director's chair to examine different models for making ethical choices as they play out in movie clips and mini case studies for an entertaining glimpse into how we make ethical decisions in the workplace. 

Speaker: Allan Wallis, School of Public Affairs, University of Colorado

Thursday, August 11

8:00 am - 9:15 am

The Changing Face of State Government

CC 214B, Concourse Level - 2

To plug record-high budget gaps, states are cutting programs, shifting costs to the public, furloughing workers and experimenting with a four-day work week.

Moderator: Stephen Fehr, Stateline.org, Washington, D.C.


  • Representative P. Eric Turner, Indiana
  • Delegate Sheila Ellis Hixson, Maryland
  • Assemblywoman Debbie Smith, Nevada