Picture of people meeting around tableLegislative Effectiveness Committee
Spring Forum Committee Agenda
Hyatt Regency |  Denver, Colo.
May 2-4, 2013

(As of April 22, 2013) 

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Thursday, May 2

1:00 pm - 2:15 p.m.

Crossroads for Legislative IT Decisions
Lev. 3- Mineral FG

In tough financial times, many legislatures are making critical information technology (IT) decisions with far reaching consequences.  Legislative IT directors must look out for major concerns of functionality, reliability, security and cost, which may put them at odds with the system users.  New legislators have IT expectations fueled by personal and business experiences that can be frustrating to the legislative staff.  The decision-makers have to communicate about institutional and technological needs using terms and concepts that they may not all fully comprehend.  State legislatures share their best practices and lessons learned.
Moderator:  Susan Fox, Executive Director, Legislative Services, Montana
Presenters:  Linda Pittsford, Deputy Director, Information Systems, Texas
Jamie Schaub, Information Technology Manager, Wyoming
Rep. Al Carlson, North Dakota

2:30 pm - 4 p.m.

Moving from Campaigning to Legislating
Lev. 3- Mineral FG

Legislators often have a tough time putting a contentious campaign behind them and transitioning to the attitude of respect and consensus building that is needed to solve problems and create strong legislation.  Animosity can linger, even between members of the same party.  What can legislatures do to move beyond the campaign mindset once they turn to legislative business?
Moderator:  Nancy Cyr, Director, Legislative Research Office, Nebraska
Presenters:  Kyle Bozentko, Director, The Jefferson Center, Minnesota
Rep. Terie Norelli, Speaker of the House, New Hampshire, NCSL President
Rep. Eric Turner, Speaker Pro Tempore, Indiana

Friday, May 3

8:30 am  - 10 a.m.

Using Technology to Reach Your Constituents
Lev. 3- Mineral FG

With technological advances, legislatures and legislators are webcasting or otherwise providing constituents with a broad array of options to participate or observe legislative proceedings or “talk” with their legislator.  These advances bring a host of additional questions about what to provide, who should lead the legislative effort and how to spend funds wisely.
Moderator:  Michael Adams: Director, Strategic Planning, Senate, Virginia
Presenters:  Rep. Jay Kaufman, Massachusetts
Senator Bruce Starr, Oregon, NCSL President-Elect
Pam Greenberg, Senior Fellow, NCSL, Colorado

10:15 am - 11:15 a.m.

Legislative Effectiveness Committee Business Meeting
 Lev. 3- Agate C

Committee officers and members discuss plans for the Legislative Summit and committee work projects and products.
Presiding Officer:
Representative John Patton, Wyoming, Committee Co-chair