Law, Criminal Justice and Public Safety Standing Committee


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Blog: NCSL Launches Tracking Database for Legislative Responses for Policing

State lawmakers across the country have moved swiftly to address issues related to policing in the wake of recent fatal police interactions across the country.


Zoom Meeting

LCJPS Committee: Policing Virtual Meeting Series

Please join NCSL for a Zoom series on policing issues at the federal and state levels.

Webinar Redistricting


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Overview and Membership

NCSL’s Standing Committees develop policy directives and resolutions, adopted by the conference, that serve to guide NCSL's advocacy before the federal government. See a list of officers and NCSL staff and members and workgroups.



Law, Criminal Justice and Public Safety Federal Activity

Recent federal activity for NCSL's Law, Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee include testimonies for committee hearings, letters on pending federal legislation, comments on proposed federal agency actions, and bill and regulations summaries.



Supreme Court Roundup: Part 2

On August 4, 2020, the second part will focus on cases granted for the October 2020 term. On July 28, 2020, NCSL held the first of two distinct programs for the Law, Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee. Part 1 focused on the biggest cases decided this term.  


Policy Positions and Resolutions