Issue Briefing: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs: State
Actions to Boost Employment

NCSL's 2010 Fall Forum: Dec. 10, 2010

Running time: 00:53:40

Representative Lana Gordon
, Kansas 

Andrew Baldwin
, Unemployment Insurance Administration, Arizona
Power Point

Elizabeth Echols, U.S. Small Business Administration
Power Point






While the longest recession since the Great Depression has ended, the unemployment rate is still more than 9 percent. The economy is showing green shoots but state revenues remain down and the prospects of a jobless recovery seem very real. This session  examines state and national unemployment trends, explores strains on the state-federal partnership in providing unemployment benefits, and discusses the state-level effects of federal legislation to spur jobs creation. 

This audio recording of the session provides an update on unemployment trends and efforts to work with states on creating jobs.


















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