Labor and Economic Development Standing Committee


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Overview and Membership

NCSL’s Standing Committees develop policy directives and resolutions, adopted by the conference, that serve to guide NCSL's advocacy before the federal government.


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Stay Informed

This newsletter is published quarterly and updates members of NCSL’s Labor and Economic Development Committee on federal developments that may affect the states. The newsletters include news stories, legislation, events, resources and more from federal and state agencies, legislatures, the federal administration and other policy stakeholders.

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Labor & Economic Development Standing Committee


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Collective Bargaining

Current legislation on labor unions and collective bargaining is available in a searchable database.


Policy Positions and Resolutions

The Labor and Economic Development Committee bases all of its federal advocacy work on policy directives and resolutions that have been approved on both the committee and conference level. Resolutions expire at the next Legislative Summit following their adoption. Go to the link below to see the current policies of the Labor and Economic Development Committee.


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State unemployment legislation from the current legislative session is available in a searchable database.