NCSL Legislative Summit
August 6-9, 2012
Chicago, Illinois

Communications, Financial Services and Interstate Commerce Committee
Identity Theft and Privacy in the Online Age Session
Senator Delores Kelley's Handout

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State of Maryland
Enacted Identity Theft Legislation

SB 43: Task Force to Study Identity Theft

Task Force Report

SB 52: Consumer Protection- Consumer Reporting Agencies- Consumer Reports- Security Freezes

SB 194: Consumer Protection- Personal Information Protection Act

HB 1036: Identity Fraud- Inducing Another to Provide Identifying Information- Prohibition

SB 60: Identity Fraud- Prohibition, Evidence, and Penalties (Anti-Skimmer Bill)

SB 815: Identity Fraud- Uniform Reporting Form

Unsuccessful Identity Theft Legislation

SB 846: Indentity Fraud- Seizure and Forfeiture of Property

SB 202: Financial Crimes- Seizure and Forfeiture of Property

SB 211: Identity Fraud Crimes- Restitution

SB 387: Identity Fraud Crimes- Restitution