Budgets and Revenue Standing Committee


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Overview and Membership

NCSL’s Standing Committees develop policy directives and resolutions, adopted by the conference, that serve to guide NCSL's advocacy before the federal government. 



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Budgets & Revenue Federal Activity

NCSL's Standing Committee on Budgets and Revenue develops policy directives and resolutions for issue areas including: taxation, unfunded mandates, budgeting, appropriations, program evaluation, and other budget and tax topics. See a full list of jurisdictions and to learn more about the activities of the Budgets and Revenue Committee.



Budget and Revenue Standing Committee


Fiscal database

Fiscal Databases

NCSL provides searchable databases on fiscal issues, including a recently released State Actions to Close Budget Shortfalls in Response to COVID-19 Database. Other databases include Tax Incentive Evaluations, State Tax Actions and Pension Legislation.


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Capitol to Capitol

Capitol to Capitol, NCSL 's state-federal newsletter, is a publication of the Budgets and Revenue Committee.It providesup-to-the-minute information on important federal legislation, and advises you when you need to call members of your congressional delegation to show your support or disapproval of bills that affect the states. Capitol to Capitol comes out on an as-needed basis, averaging one issue a week.



Policy Positions and Resolutions