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Learn more about the state and federal resources NCSL has put together for our members on a number of health and human services topics and COVID-19. Also read COVID-19: Daily Announcements From Federal Agencies.

COVID-19 Economic Relief Bill | Health and Human Services Legislative Provisions 

At the end of 2020, both chambers of Congress came together and passed coronavirus relief and appropriations funding. Between the two bills, there were 5,600 pages containing many health and human services provisions and funding allocations. Health issues in the legislation ranged from prescription drug costs to strengthening parity in mental health. Many of the items, including funding for several essential health programs, also known as the “extenders,” were well past their timeline to receive funding. Human services legislation ranged from Family First Prevention Services waivers and funding to additional child care funding. Below is a breakdown of the health and human services funding and legislative provisions included in this legislative package.

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