Action Alert- Fiscal Aid to States


U.S. Capitol

Here’s What’s Happened:  

Because of the devastating effects of coronavirus on the economy, a large majority of states expect revenue shortfalls for FY 21 exceeding 15%, easily topping $300 billion typically used for schools, hospitals, emergency services and much more. In the CARES Act, Congress gave states funds for COVID related mitigation costs, but no funds to assist with massive revenue shortfalls, as they have done during previous economic downturns.

The U.S. House recently passed the Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions (HEROES) Act, containing flexible assistance for states. The Senate is back in session and is developing a blueprint for its package which will be introduced THIS WEEK. It is uncertain whether ANY fiscal relief for states will be included in this blueprint.

Contact your U.S. senators TODAY to request the flexible assistance you need for your state. Tell them about the budget cuts you have already made and stress how additional state aid is vital to your state’s economic recovery   

Here’s What You Can Do:

Contact your senators by phone, email or social media and urge them to include in the stimulus blueprint package at least $300 billion in flexible assistance to states. Tell them about the budget cuts you have already made and stress how additional state aid would support your state’s economic recovery.

  • Contact your senators.
  • Provide your senators data on the condition of your state budget—refer to NCSL’s  State Action Database on budget shortfalls.

For social media, here are sample tweets and Facebook posts. Be sure to tag your senators on Twitter or post directly to their Facebook page. You can also share this coalition letter in your post.

  • Help local economies recover by supporting additional, flexible direct aid to states to address state budget shortfalls. @McConnellPress @chuckschumer
  • It is imperative that the Senate include state fiscal relief in the next stimulus bill. States are counting on you! @McConnellPress @chuckschumer