2012 Hot Topics Webinar Series 

Each year, NCSL develops a list of the most pressing and important concerns on state legislative agendas. This year’s Top 12 of 2012 highlights some of the crucial areas that will command the attention of policymakers. It is not meant, however, to be comprehensive of all the issues state lawmakers will tackle during the legislative session.

NCSL offered webinars during February to address each of the 12 hot issues.



State Budgets, Federal Deficit, Pensions and Jobs (Feb. 6)

This informative webinar explored the federal deficit and its potentially significant impact on the states. Hear which states have developed contingency plans, what is the likelihood of deficit reduction by Congress and what may happen if automatic cuts go into effect. 

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Health Reform and Medicaid (Feb. 10)

This webinar explored the many elements of federal health reform states are required to develop, including health insurance exchanges, health information technology and a list of essential benefits. Learn what’s happening in opposition to the law as well. 

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Putting Election Laws to the Test (Feb. 13)

This webinar discussed the various election reforms being debated in legislatures, including whether to require citizens to show ID to register or to vote, whether to allow online and Election Day registrations, and how best to modernize aging voting machines.

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Corrections, Juvenile Justice and Drugged Driving (Feb. 17)

This webinar looked at “justice reinvestment” reforms that save money while improving probation and parole supervision and expanding drug treatment. Other issues addressed were prescription drug abuse and juvenile justice reform issues. 

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Transportation Funding, Natural Gas and Environmental Regulations (Feb. 20)

This webinar described what states are doing about the imminent transportation funding crisis, the wave of new federal regulations states have to enforce, and the pros and cons of developing natural gas resources. 

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Funding Education in a Climate of Cutting (Feb. 24)

This webinar discussed how states are mitigating recent cuts to education by reallocating K-12 resources to programs proven most effective at improving student achievement and by giving colleges and universities more flexibility in how they may use their limited funding from the states.

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