Full Agendas

Super Professional Development Seminar 2012: Madison, Wisc. | Oct. 9-12, 2012

Wisconsin Capitol

Thanks to everyone who attended the Super PDS!  It was quite a success and we hope you all enjoyed the sessions, tours and Madison!  Please see below for links to the presentations and session handouts from the Super PDS.






Staff Section and Session

Monday, Oct. 8, 2012
7:00-5:00 Registration/Information Desk
7:30-8:45 NLSSA: Breakfast (coupons)*
9:00-10:00 NLSSA: Opening Ceremony/ New
Member Orientation*
10:00-11:00 NLSSA: Dignitary Protection*
11:15-12:30 NLSSA: Mental Health Talk*
12:30-1:00 NLSSA: Lunch: on your own
1:00-2:00 NLSSA: Leadership Through Connection*
2:15-3:30 NLSSA: Analyzing the Occupy Movement*
3:30-4:30 NLSSA: Roundtable Discussion*
5:00-7:00 NLSSA: Wisconsin Fish Fry Reception*
Tuesday, Oct. 9, 2012
7:00-5:00 Registration/Information Desk
7:30-8:30 NLSSA: Breakfast (coupons)*
9:00-9:30 LINCS: Boot Camp Breakfast*
9:00-10:00 NLSSA: Camp Randall Football Stadium Security Tour *
9:30-4:30 LINCS Boot Camp: Social Media (add’l fee)
10:00-11:30 NLSSA: Wisconsin Institute of Discovery*
11:00-5:00 NALIT: Pre-Seminar: Mobile Legislatures
(separate registration)
11:00-12:15 NALIT: State Experiences: Tablets*
11:45-1:00 NLSSA: Lunch: on your own
12:15-1:30 NALIT: Luncheon*
1:00-3:00 NLSSA: Manage in Permanent Whitewater*
1:30-3:00 NALIT: Mobile Apps and Mobile Websites*
3:00-3:30 NLSSA: Committee Meetings*
3:15-4:00 NALIT: Tablets and Supporting BYOD*
Tuesday, continued
3:30-4:00 NLSSA: Region Meetings*
4:00-5:00 NALIT: Supporting Mobile Devices*
5:00-6:00 LSS: Executive Committee*
6:30-7:00 NALIT: Meet and Greet*
6:00-7:30 LSSS: Informal Meet and Greet*
6:00-8:00 NLSSA, LSS: Reception at the
Governor's Residence*
6:30-8:00 RACSS: Executive Committee Dinner*
6:30-8:00 LINCS: Executive Committee Dinner*
7:00-8:30 NALIT: Dutch Treat Dinner*
Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2012
7:00-5:00 Registration/Information Desk
7:45-8:15 Joint Plenary Breakfast Buffet
8:15-10:00 Joint Plenary: Decoding Body Language
10:00-10:15 Break/Walk to Hotel or Capitol
10:15-10:45 Inside the Dome Tours (sign-up)
10:15-11:15 NLSSA: Employee Policy Manuals 
10:15-11:15 LSSS Editors: Editing Editors
10:15-11:15 LSSS Attorneys, RACSS, LSS: Elections
and Voter ID
10:15-11:15 LINCS: What Does Your Body Say
During An Interview?
10:15-12:00 NALIT: Five Minutes of Fame
11:15-12:15 LSSS, RACSS, LSS: View From the Bench
11:15-12:15 NLSSA: Social Media
11:20-12:20 LINCS: Media Credentialing 101
12:15-12:45 LSSS, RACSS: Joint Luncheon*
12:15-1:45 NLSSA: Executive Board Working Lunch*
12:15-1:45 NLSSA: Lunch on your own
12:15-1:30 LSS, LINCS, NALIT: Joint Lunch
12:45-1:45 LSSS, RACSS: US Supreme Court Update
1:45-2:30 Inside the Dome Tours (sign-up)
1:45-3:00 RACSS, LSSS: Best Practices Bill Analyses 
Wednesday, continued
1:45-3:00 NALIT: Wisconsin Legislative Technology Service Bureau*
1:45-3:00 NLSSA: When Legislators Leave the State*
2:00-3:00 LINCS: Private Capitol Dome Tours*
2:00-3:10 LSS: Caucus Strategy
3:15-4:15 LINCS, NLSSA, LSSS, LSS, RACSS: Lessons Learned from Large Capitol Events
3:15-4:15 NALIT: Virtual Desktops
4:15-4:30 Break/Walk to Hotel
4:15-5:30 LINCS: Wisconsin Eye*
4:15-5:30 NLSSA: Lessons Learned From Large Events
4:30-5:45 LSSS, RACSS, NALIT: Publishing Statutes & Legislative Publications In Electronic Age
5:00-6:30 LSS: Nominating Committee*
6:30-7:30 Joint Reception and Capitol Tours
(Enter at Wisconsin Avenue)
Thursday, Oct. 11, 2012
7:00-5:00 Registration/Information Desk
7:30-8:00 Inside the Dome Tours (sign-up)
7:45-8:15 Joint Plenary Breakfast:
8:15-9:30 Joint Plenary: Are You Hyper-Connected?
9:30-9:45 Break/Walk to Hotel or Capitol
9:30-10:30 NLSSA: Private Dome Tours*
9:45-11:00 LSSS, RACSS, LINCS: High Wire:
On the Editorial Balancing Act
9:45-11:00 NALIT, LSS: Principled Politics and Leadership
11:00-12:00 NLSSA: General Business Meeting*
11:00-12:00 LSSS, RACSS: Confidentiality of
Drafting & Legislative Records
11:00-12:00 LSS: The Role of Leadership
11:00-12:00 LINCS: Art of An Apology
11:00-12:00 NALIT: Security Myths
12:00-12:15 Break/Walk to Masonic Center
Thursday, continued
12:15-12:45 Joint Plenary Luncheon
12:45-1:45 Joint Plenary: Negotiation and Compromise in the Legislative Arena
1:45-2:00 Break/Walk to Hotel or Capitol
2:00-3:00 LINCS: Help Reporters Understand the Story
2:00-3:00 NALIT: What to Anticipate with Windows 8
2:00-3:15 LSSS, RACSS: Solving Drafting Problems
2:00-3:15 NLSSA: Are We Flirting With Disaster?
2:00-5:00 LSS: Team Building*
3:15-3:30 Break/Walk to Capitol or Hotel
3:30-4:30 LSSS Attorneys: Case Study-Identifying Loopholes in Bills Drafts
3:30-4:30 LSSS Editors: My Biggest Editing Mistake
3:15-4:15 NALIT: Cloud Fundamentals
3:15-4:15 LINCS: Could Technology and Harry Potter Improve Civic Engagement Online?
3:15-4:15 NLSSA: Capitol Building Panic Alarms
3:30-5:00 RACSS: Strategic Planning for Legislatures
4:15-4:35 NALIT: Disaster Recovery

4:15-4:45 Inside the Dome Tours (sign-up)
4:15-5:30 LINCS: Ethics of Social Media
4:30-5:45 LSSS: RUSH! Management–Triage
to Ensure Best Bill Drafts
5:00-7:00 Reception and Exhibits
6:00-8:00 LSS: Social Event and Dinner*
6:00-9:00 NLSSA: Awards Banquet*
6:30-8:00 RACSS: Dutch Treat Networking Dinners
Friday, Oct. 12, 2012
7:30-12:30 Registration/Information Desk
7:30-8:30 NLSSA: Breakfast (coupons)*
7:30-8:30 NLSSA: Closing Roundtable Discussion*
8:15-9:45 LSSS, NALIT, RACSS: Electronic Bill Drafting/Tracking*
Friday, continued
9:00-10:00 LSS: Breakfast and Business Meeting
9:00-10:00 LINCS: Business Meeting
10:00-11:00 LSS, LINCS: My Best Mistake
10:00-11:15 LSSS, RACSS: Legal Writing
10:00-11:15 NALIT: Technical Session: Bill Drafting Systems
11:00-11:30 LSS: Seminar Evaluation
11:15-12:15 LSSS, RACSS: Thinking Skills for Staff
11:20-12:30 LINCS: Now Hiring: What’s the Next Generation Looking For?
11:30-12:30 LSS: 2012-13 LSS Exec. Cmte. Meeting