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What will you find at the Legislative Summit? Interactive, relevant sessions on today’s critical problems. Browse the online agenda for a complete listing of sessions and speakers.

Deep Dive Sessions

Legalizing Marijuana: Potholes and Possibilities
Colorado and Washington are trailblazers in legalized marijuana, but the potholes are plenty. If marijuana may be in your state’s future, there are plenty of concerns— what’s the real revenue picture; licensing businesses and regulating and testing products; federal issues, enforcement and more.


  • All the matters you might not anticipate, including lawsuits from surrounding states.
  • Regulation of edibles and new cannabis products.
  • The money—how much to expect, and the banking and Justice Department hurdles.
  • What drugged driving looks like from the experts enforcing it in the field. 

The Future of Everything
Society is moving at breakneck speed. It’s difficult to keep up with rapid change and nearly impossible to stay ahead of it. Take a glimpse into the future and what’s in store for people, jobs and commerce. How will you and your state face the future—seen and unforeseen? Fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be an exciting ride!


  • Where society is headed and how you can take advantage of imminent changes by being innovative and nimble with new technology.
  • What are the jobs of the future?
  • What it means for you, your constituents and the policies you craft. 

Filling Up the Tank: Funding Transportation
Funding transportation is a perennial problem. And there are myriad reasons: construction costs are rising, travel patterns are changing, electric cars are emerging and gas tax revenue isn’t cutting it. Legislatures have to do something—and quick. Attend this session and create a roadmap to a sound transportation plan that creates sustainable revenue, prepares for the future and meets immediate transportation needs.


  • Methods to meet short-term needs for funding your state’s transportation system.
  • The newest, bold ideas from states to create long-term, sustainable transportation revenues.
  • How measuring performance, prioritizing projects and strategic spending can stretch existing transportation money. 

Beating the Odds: Tapping Brain Potential
Kids become adults and then run the world. If they have brilliant brains—because we’ve invested in them early on—we can move from preschool to prosperity as a nation. Scientific and economic research shows that directing money into the health and education of children when they’re very young can solve some of our most intractable problems.


  • How brain science works.
  • The economics of early childhood investment—and the pay-off.
  • What’s the proof—lower crime, better health, higher graduation rates.
  • How pioneering programs, like Washington’s, are building human capital and a stronger workforce. 

Hot Topics


  • A Better Way to Fund Higher Education?


  • A Better Way to Keep Kids Out of Prison
  • Corrections Reflections: A Conversation with Piper Kerman
  • Police Body Cameras: Sharing Perspectives


  • Volatile Oil Prices: Optimism and Anxiety in the States


  • Ethics in Public Service: The Communication Connection


  • Beyond the Status Quo: Tackling Health System Reforms
  • New Medicines: Opportunities & Challenges
  • What’s Next with States and the Affordable Care Act?


  • A Better Way to Ensure Smart Tax Incentives
  • Economic Engines: Women-Owned Businesses Keep the American Dream Alive
  • U.S. Economic Outlook: Will Slow and Steady Win the Race?

Pension Track

  • Cost Efficiencies of Defined Benefit Pension Plans
  • Rolling Out New Cash Balance, Hybrid and Defined Contribution Plans in the States

Leadership Skills Track

  • Legislator Roundtable: How Technology & Governing Intersect
  • Sizzle and Substance: Delivering Brain-Friendly Presentations that Persuade
  • Marketing the Citizen Legislator
  • Leadership Roundtable
  • A Dash of Humor May Be the Secret Sauce of Communication
  • The Power of Stories

The nation's largest gathering of legislators and legislative staff for more than 40 years.

NCSL's Anne Teigen and Karmen Hanson invite you to a session on marijuana legalization at the Summit.

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