Fiscal Road to Recovery Brief Series

This six-part series examines American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 Coronavirus State Fiscal Recovery Fund allocation priorities a year after the program launched and showcases examples to help inform policymakers as they combat the ongoing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.


NCSL Town Hall: Communicating about Election Accuracy

Join us as Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill talks about instilling election confidence in his state’s voters, along with tips on how others can approach the topic, too.


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2021 Legislative Energy Trends

This new NCSL report examines state legislative action in 2021, highlighting trends in state energy policy and identifying topics likely to take priority in 2022 and beyond.


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Film Tax Incentives

States have shown a renewed interest in film tax incentive programs in recent years. This brief discusses recent legislative enactments, how state incentive programs compare, and how they can be made more effective based on state fiscal office evaluations.


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Honoring Legislative Staff

Every day, legislative staff work behind the scenes to support the work of legislatures. From drafting bills to keeping the computer networks secure, legislatures couldn’t function without them. Read all of the shoutouts!


Tim Storey

Amy Walter on Politics, Money and the Midterms

Amy talks with Tim Storey, CEO of NCSL, about changes in the media and how it covers politics, how incentives for some elected officials have changed, the diminishing power of parties and the most interesting storylines in this year’s midterm elections.


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NCSL Podcasts

NCSL podcasts connect you with state legislatures, offering insights from legislative leaders and staff, astute political observers and public policy experts from across the nation. Download or stream our collection today.



Read the Latest in State Legislatures News

Find the latest news on state policy, politics and personalities as well as stories from the print edition of State Legislatures magazine.



Check Out NCSL's New Resource on Food Safety

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we went from dinner out to dinner in. Americans took to cooking at home and the use of food-delivery apps more than doubled as takeout often took the place of eating at restaurants.