Women's Legislative Network of NCSL: Major Topics

Women's Legislative Network logoThe Women's Legislative Network of NCSL has focused its programming on three major areas over the past several years: women's health, financial stability, and women in the military. If you have questions or suggestions about future topics, please contact Katie Ziegler at (303) 364-7700.



Woman and child at doctor officeWomen's Health

Women's health issues continue to capture the spotlight in state legislatures, as the importance of health-related topics have grown along with demands on state budgets.  Policymakers are often forced to view women's health by issue area such as breast cancer, chronic disease or pregnancy.  A better way to understand women's health involves looking at a woman's life comprehensively.

NCSL's Women's Health Across the Lifespan project has sponsored six seminars for state legislators and legislative staff about important policy topics, Legis Briefs, State Legislatures Magazine articles, and legislative tracking.

Visit the Women's Health Across the Lifespan Overview page and Documents page for links to documents and meeting information.

MoneyFinancial Stability

In today's economic climate, it is more important than ever for American women to be empowered with the confidence and competence to make smart financial decisions for themselves and their families.  Women control the majority of consumer spending, yet women are 40 percent more likely to be poor than men, and 67 percent of women feel they have little knowledge of financial products and services. The Network's Financial Stability Project seeks to increase state legislators' understanding of the economic status of American women and to provide in-depth information and tools for legislators working to support women's financial stability.

Visit the project page for links to resources and meeting information.




Female SoldierWomen in the Military and Female Veterans

The Women's Legislative Network of NCSL is committed to providing state legislators with relevant and accurate information about women serving in the military, female veterans, and the unique circumstances of military families.

Visit the project page for links to resources and meeting information.