Women's Legislative Network Governance

Review the Network bylaws.

Executive Board 2022-2023

The Network is governed by a 14-member board of directors that is politically and regionally balanced. The role of president alternates between a Democrat and a Republican each year. The board makes decisions about programming and events and encourages other women legislators to get involved with the Network and NCSL.

Women's Network Executive Board


President Representative Stephanie Clayton Democrat Kansas
President-Elect Representative Melissa Ballard Republican Utah
Vice President Representative Dafna Michaelson Jenet Democrat Colorado
Past President Senator Kimberely Rosen Republican Maine

At-Large Members

At-Large   Republican  
At-Large Senator Kyle Evans Gay Democrat Delaware

Regional Members


Representative Barbara Ann Fenton-Fung 

Republican Rhode Island
Eastern Senator Donna Frett-Gregory Democrat U.S. Virgin Islands
Midwestern   Republican  
Midwestern Representative Stephanie Kifowit Democrat Illinois
Southern Representative Barbara Freiberg Republican Louisiana
Southern Representative Rhonda Burnough Democrat Georgia
Western Representative Marsha Judkins Republican Utah
Western Representative Shonda Summers-Armstrong Democrat Nevada