Wise Women in State Legislatures


Congratulations on your election! You are now part of a unique sisterhood. There are more women serving in state legislatures than ever before. Female legislators are trailblazers and visionaries, experts, mentors, Democrats and Republicans, solution-seekers and problem-solvers. You are proud politicians and leaders who make a difference. As a legislator, you are automatically a member of the Women’s Legislative Network of the National Conference of State Legislatures, the indispensable bipartisan organization that allows women to connect, learn and lead together.


The network is here to serve you as you navigate your first term. We know how much information there is to take in right now, and we hope that some words of wisdom from experienced female lawmakers will prove helpful as you plan your work.


We encourage you to treat the network as a doorway to NCSL experts and activities. Contact us with research questions, requests about NCSL services, and to connect with other women across the country. Please also feel free to share your own advice!