Representative Democracy in America: Lesson Plans for Grades 4 through 8


RDA logoThis page contains links to NCSL videos and lesson plans on American Democracy for grades 4 through 8.



30-Second Videos and Lesson Topics


Girl in pink topGoal: To help students have a better understanding that through representative democracy citizens have a “voice” in government.



Voice Page


Young girl with backpackGoal: To strengthen students' understanding of the connection between voting and having a voice in a representative democracy.



Vote Page

Special Interest Groups

Boy in hat with yellow shirtGoal: To develop recognition that all people are part of interest groups and to create an understanding of the need for interest groups in supporting the interests of all segments of the population.



Special Interest Group Page


Young girl in purple shirtGoal: To increase students' understanding and appreciation of representative democracy in America and strengthen their understanding of the need for compromise in day to day situations.



Compromise Page

Ice Cream

Girl eating ice cream sundaeGoal: To strengthen understanding that diversity of ideas leads to increased choices and increase their understanding and appreciation of representative democracy in America.



Ice Cream Page

Developed by Carol Western Paola, Mississippi Project Citizen Co-Coordinator, for Representative Democracy in America: Voices of the People, a national project sponsored by the Alliance for Representative Democracy, a partnership of the Center for Civic Education, the Center on Congress at Indiana University and the National Conference of State Legislatures' Trust for Representative Democracy.

For more information, please visit our America's Legislators Back to School Program and Trust for Representative Democracy sites.