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Take a peak at what students, teachers and legislators are saying about the America's Legislators Back to School Program. The event is designed to teach young people--the nation's future voters and leaders--what it's like to serve as an elected official: the processes, the pressures, and the debate, negotiation and compromise that are the very fabric of representative democracy.  By entering the classroom and listening to students' perspectives, legislators are able to initiate a dialogue while letting American youth know that their ideas count.

Results from a controlled study of the program’s impact show that the Back to School Program strengthened students’ understanding and appreciation of representative democracy. See study results.

2011/2012 Back to School Program Comments

"I enjoy the opportunity to visit students and explain to them what my role is and how important it is to vote...."  Honorable Richard Burford, Louisiana State Representative

Excellent communication/timely manner of materials sent for lesson.  Excellent program!  Lynn Poe, Teacher, Donald E. Cline Elementary, KY

2010/2011 Back to School Program Comments

"Alicia Webb-Edgington educated and informed the students appropriately. The information provided was very suitable for the grade level audience."  Alyson Kremer, Teacher, St. Pius X, KY

"Very beneficial. Great way for students to make real-life connections." Jennifer Kincaid, Teacher, Clark Middle School, WV

"I learned that just because I can't vote it doesn't mean I can't be heard." Eighth-grader, LA

"I learned that I can make a difference in my community if I try."  Fifth-grader, LA

"I learned that if you get a group of people together and really believe in a cause, you can do something about what you believe in." Eighth-grader, KY

"I learned that citizens like me can make a difference in our governement by getting involved and to speak out when you care about something." Eighth-grader, KY

2009/2010 Back to School Program Comments

"Representative Rick Nowlin spoke to seniors and stressed the importance of getting involved in the democractic process.  They were very surprised about how many hours outside of session he spends working for our parish."  Jennifer Maggio, St. Mary's Catholic School, LA

"I understand more about the ways in which Louisiana is flighting to prosper.  The presentation is great."  Twelfth-grader, LA

Participated for the "opportunity to inform students about state government and the importance of education on issues and participation in the political process."  Representative Rick Nowlin, LA

"I learned that even if you can't vote you still have a voice in the government."  Fifth-grader, LA

"Thought it was a great opportunity to talk to the students about the upcoming legislative session and to express to them that their voice and concerns do matter even if they can't vote yet."  Representative Richard Burford, LA

Participated "to learn more about our students and the needs in our local school system....Great experience!!!"  Representative Shirley B. Randleman, NC

"I want kids to know what politics are about and create interest."  Senator W.E. Goodall, NC

"I learned that the legislators do think about kids in the government."  Sixth-grader, KY

"I learned that everyday people with everyday jobs are involved in government, not just powerful people who don't have any other concern or knowledge about other people's occupations."  Eighth-grader, KY

2008/2009 Back to School Program Comments

"Wonderful program! The students were very excited about meeting Rep. Floyd and it also made government officials seem like real people to the students where before the students had a hard time understanding that theses were citizens just like us." Meagan Moremen, Old Mill Elementary, KY

"Great program. I have them come every year." Kevin Charlson, Fort Mackenzie High School, WY

"Our legislators were great! Kelly Smith, Samuel Woodfill Elementary, KY

"Thank you for the helpful materials. The legislators were informed, animated, and in tune with students' needs." Mrs. Dawn Hills, Woodfill Elementary, KY

"I feel it is necessary to involve and inform all citizens of my state what we are doing in state government." Representative Lori Millin, WY

2007/2008 Back to School Program Comments

"This was a very good opportunity for the students to meet an actual legislator.  I believe the students will have a greater understanding and appreciation of their civic responsibilities because of this presentation." Robert Johnson, Casey County High School, Kentucky

"What a wonderful way to see government on a personal level that students can relate to!" Rebecca Heil, Grandview Elementary School, Kentucky

"I believe more legislators should visit schools and see their needs, strengths and weaknesses.  This is one of my favorite things to do." Representative Maggie Jeffus, North Carolina

"I feel I have an obligation to make our youth aware of government.  I also enjoy it!" Representative Linda P. Johnson, North Carolina



For further information about the America's Legislators Back to School Program, please call (303) 364-7700, or send an email to

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Posted March 8, 2007

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