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The NCSL Legislative Training Institute seeks to strengthen the legislative institution through the creation and delivery of high-quality professional development programs for both legislators and legislative staff.  Our training mission is to provide educational content and experiences that are long-lasting and transferable to any legislative career path, from the first week on the job to the top of the leadership ladder.  Whether virtual or in-person, we believe that personalized and experiential learning is the best model to increase skill development and accelerate professional growth.

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Legislative Staff Training

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NCSL works with legislators and legislative leaders to design and deliver high-level, legislator-specific training on a wide range of topics and skills. Learn more about services offered to help members improve the skills necessary to be more effective.


Legislative Staff Training

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Because the legislative workplace is so unique, NCSL customizes training to reflect the challenges of performing well in the legislative environment. Explore options that may be delivered in person, virtually or both.


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Daily Development

Here is where you will find a limited series toolbox of five useful online resources on a common theme. These resources are relevant to every level of the legislative world: legislators, legislative staff and leadership.