Legislator Training


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Resources for Legislators

When you need to know the latest information on an issue, NCSL is your resource. Here you’ll find 50-state information on hundreds of topics. You can search legislation through our Bill Information Service, contact an NCSL expert to ask a question, read our award-winning State Legislatures magazine and peruse informative web documents and newsletters.


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Podcast: Be More Effective

NCSL is committed to the success of legislators. We provide top-tier training and strategic planning in your legislature or at meetings designed specifically for you. Tens of thousands of Americans have served in legislatures over the years, and some of them have shared their tips and advice, which you can find in our Effective Legislator audio series, also available on iTunes. 

Results Driven Governing


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Learn on Demand

In a demanding job, NCSL makes it easy to stay up-to-date at your convenience. Through a vast library of webinars, videos and training resources, you can brush up on any topic that interests you.



Make a Difference

Legislators play an important role in developing the States’ Agenda, the blueprint for NCSL’s advocacy work in Washington, D.C. Through the Standing Committees you can make your voice heard on federal issues that matter to states. Attend the NCSL Forum and the Legislative Summit to learn about and contribute to the national conversation on important issues.


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Daily Development

Here is where you will find a limited series toolbox of five useful online resources on a common theme. These resources are relevant to every level of the legislative world: legislators, legislative staff and leadership. A new theme is presented each week.