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NCSL understands the myriad challenges legislative leaders are faced with every day. 

To be of assistance, we bring in some of the country's top thinkers from business, academia and the media for meetings and interviews.  Below are some videos, articles and links we believe offer useful information.

Dr. James Clawson: 3 Part Interview

James Clawson is professor of business administration at the Darden School at the University of Virginia. Clawson teaches strategy, leadership and change, organizational behavior, career management and related subjects in the MBA, Ph.D., and executive programs. Clawson's research focuses on the relationship between individuals (including their families) and organizations. Considered an authority on the subject of leadership, Clawson has designed and taught many seminars for legislative leaders. Before teaching at the Darden School, Clawson taught at the Harvard Business School, where he received his D.B.A.



 How to lead by getting below the surface and evaluating each level of your "level three leadership".

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 Examining your assumptions through self reflection.

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The nature of leadership and looking beyond the negative.


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On-site Interviews:

How to Think 

Jonah Lehrer, author of the recent best-seller How We Decide and Proust Was a Neuroscientist, shares his insight on how to react when faced with a seemingly impossible problem. (October 2009, Symposium for Emerging Leaders)

Using Language

Frank Luntz, author of What Americans Really Want…Really, is one of the country's master communicators. Hear his advice on the importance of communication and the power of language. (November 2009, Legislative Leadership: the Art, the Politics the Challenge)

The Art of Legislative Leadership

videoJohn Richardson, former Speaker of the Maine House of Representatives, shares his views on leadership and suggests a number of methods such as knowing your members, find a role model and the importance hard work. (October 2009, Symposium for Emerging Leaders)

State Legislatures Magazine Articles

January Cover
Weathering the Storm, January 2010
Despite an improved economy,legislative leaders say there are still hard times ahead for states.



Jim CollinsPower Play, January 2010
Business guru Jim Collins says great legislators find a way to get good things done.

Jim Collins' Website