NCSL’s Guide to Leaders and Legislatures 2010

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NCSL's Guide to Leaders and LegislaturesFiscal year 2010 is expected to still be a difficult year for state budgets. The fiscal challenges are enormous and, unfortunately, at least two years away from being over. Even though budget gaps vary across the United States, each state has something in common. Lawmakers have made repairing state budgets a top priority for legislatures across the country during the 2010 legislative session. States have always been the laboratories in which policymakers develop visionary solutions to problems which seem overwhelming, and 2010 will be no exception.

NCSL has identified the following challenges as the top 10 issues of 2010:

  • Balancing State Budgets and Creating Revenue
  • Managing Health Costs and Coverage
  • Lowering Unemployment Rates
  • Affording Higher Education
  • Analyzing Sentencing and Corrections Costs
  • Maintaining Transportation and Infrastructure
  • Balancing and Managing State Government
  • Developing Clean Energy Alternatives
  • Examining Sex Offender Registration
  • Expanding Broadband Access

This book is a directory of those who lead the leaders: the Speakers of the House, Senate Presidents, Majority and Minority Leaders who guide their chambers toward producing innovative policies that serve the interests of the American people. It also provides a look at the work of NCSL, the organization that brings all the laboratories of democracy together.