Legislator Training and New Member Orientation


Elections inevitably bring waves of new legislators to capitals, and NCSL can help you prepare them for the job.  All you need to do is call and we will work with you to develop effective solutions for your specific training challenges. And in most cases, we’ll deliver it to you, in your Capitol, at no cost. Our approach is to work closely with you and your staff to complement what you are already doing and fill in gaps. NCSL can design and deliver customized, interactive workshops to help your new and returning members improve their skills preparing them to be more effective legislators.
Here are a few of the areas where we can help:

Committee Chair Training

Capitol domeElections sometimes bring a changing of the guard among committee chairs. NCSL’s committee chair training program delivers insight, skills and practical advice. It is typically done with experienced committee chairs from other states using a peer-to-peer, interactive format that keeps participants engaged.


Many legislatures include ethics training in orientation programs, but this content is almost always focused on ethics laws and rules. While these are important, NCSL can take your ethics training to the next level with a “Values-Based Ethics” approach to this difficult topic.

Media Relations and Social Media

Prepare your members for the media blitz they are about to encounter and introduce them to the world of social media. This training provides practical tips and sound advice for legislators new to the spotlight, or for those who need a refresher course about these critical skills and issues.

Policy Briefings

Get your new and returning members up to speed on what’s happening nationally on key issues that matter in the states and in Washington, DC.  NCSL has the experts and they are ready to come to your legislature to provide targeted background briefings from a national perspective.

Being an Effective Legislator / Leader

NCSL has a strong network of trainers who can deliver workshops on core legislative skills such as public speaking, constituent relations, managing a legislative office and more. Be creative. If you have an area that you would like us to focus on, give us a call and we can provide or suggest trainers and an approach to suit your needs.

Chamber / Caucus Planning

NCSL staff can facilitate a chamber or caucus planning retreat to help you develop a policy agenda for the upcoming session.

New Member Orientation

NCSL staff can facilitate a session or offer a training as part of your new member orientation. We can also provide examples from other states to help complete your agenda.

To find out more, please contact Stacy Householder at (303) 856-1352 or stacy.householder@ncsl.org.