NCSL Institute for International Cooperation

NCSL’s Institute for International Cooperation strives to strengthen the bonds between America’s state legislatures and the international community, in the belief that robust democratic governance can be most effectively achieved through global partnership and collaboration.

The Institute serves this objective through the facilitation of meetings, study tours and exchange programs, that bring together NCSL’s members and  global partners to find innovative solutions to the most pressing policy issues of the day. It also supports NCSL’s foundational commitment to advance the effectiveness, independence, and integrity of legislatures through the delivery of technical expertise and research to national and subnational legislatures worldwide.



International Programs


NCSL International Network

We offers members the opportunity to meet regularly with legislators, staff and NCSL partners from the U.S. and abroad who are interested in strengthening the states’ roles and relations internationally.


International Network: War in Ukraine

The inaugural meeting of the NCSL International Network was held on March 11th. Network members were joined by international affairs experts to discuss the conflict in Ukraine and what it might mean for the states and territories.



Legislative Training Institute

The NCSL Legislative Training Institute seeks to strengthen the legislative institution through the creation and delivery of high-quality professional development programs for both legislators and legislative staff.