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NCSL is the go-to resource for state legislatures!

As a legislator, you are a member of the National Conference of State Legislatures, the nation’s most trusted and respected bipartisan organization serving state legislators and staff for more than 45 years.

Through NCSL, you are an integral part of the community of all legislators—Republicans and Democrats—and legislative staff across the country. NCSL is here to support you with trusted research, new ideas and connections to other legislators across the states.

Three timely ways to tap into NCSL now:


Use NCSL's Policy Tracking Services.

NCSL's Bill Information Service (BIS) provides legislators and legislative staff exclusive access to a 50-state searchable legislation database containing the full text of every bill for the current session.

NCSL also offers four dozen topic-specific searchable databases of pending and enacted legislation.

Start your search today!



Find an NCSL expert on any topic from A to Z.

Visit the interactive directory to see the staff who cover the topics you care about.

Start here to connect by phone or email.

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Connect with your State Liaison.

All state legislators and staff are encouraged to contact their assigned State Liaison with any question about NCSL's resources and to share news from your state.

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NCSL is Your Organization

Personal Assistance.

NCSL is committed to serving you. Each state legislature has an NCSL liaison who serves as your personal connection to NCSL. Your state liaison stands ready to quickly coordinate specialized services such as training, custom research requests and expert testimony.

Trusted Research and Analysis.

Information and data needed to make informed decisions. NCSL policy experts continually research thousands of policy issues, and the NCSL website hosts a wealth of reports and 50-state databases on emerging issues, pending legislation and passed laws.

Innovative Policy Approaches.

Inspiration to think differently. Informed by national experts, NCSL publications, podcasts, webinars and meetings highlight promising policies from across the states, cost-saving measures and the out-of-the-box solutions that help drive change.

Bipartisan Conversations.

Fostering important dialogue. Knowing that informed policies are the most effective policies and that all legislators want what is best for their states, NCSL brings together Republicans and Democrats to hear all perspectives and inform policy solutions.

Advocacy on Capitol Hill.

The voice of state legislatures. NCSL is nationally recognized as a formidable lobbying force in Washington, D.C., and works to protect state sovereignty and flexibility, fight against unfunded mandates and oppose unwarranted federal preemption of state authority.

Professional Staff Associations and Networks

NCSL serves all the professions that make legislatures thrive. NCSL serves and strengthens legislative staff through professional staff associations, networks and tailored professional development opportunities.

Legislative Skills Development.

Opportunities to advance your skills. NCSL’s professional development offerings help legislators and staff gain new competencies and hone skills in areas such as leadership, media, ethics, organization, legislative procedures and more.


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