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Picture ofa light on gavelThe National Legislative Services and Security Association (NLSSA) was founded in 1973.

The underlying philosophy of the National Legislative Services and Security Association is to see that all of the logistical services that are provided to legislators, staff and the public, function well.

Before the trend of the early 1970s toward more open meetings, security in the legislatures could be accomplished simply by closing the door to the chamber and seeing that no one entered. Once the doors were "opened," services and security personnel were not only faced with dealing with constituents but also with the possibility of disruption and violence.

It is the position of NLSSA that all legislative personnel should be concerned about good order and about providing needed services to everyone participating in the legislative process.

Maintaining order, protecting the capitol and its occupants, dealing with visiting constituents, serving committees, providing supplies, media, lobbyists, ADA, buildings and grounds, accounting, administration, postal services, arranging parking, managing pages and interns, running errands, etc., must all be seen as part of a whole in serving the needs of a legislature.

While the duties of individual members of the association may differ, there are many common threads that hold the group together. Whether in services or security, members agree that their jobs are to serve the legislature and to help the people make use of public access to the legislature. The Association develops training programs that are designed to assist members with security issues, personnel matters, member services and compliance with federal mandates.

NLSSA is one of 10 professional associations or "staff sections," of the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL).