NLSSA Policy and Procedures Manual


Complete online version of the NLSSA Policy and Procedures Manual

NLSSA Bylaws Amendments Adopted at the 2009 General Business Meeting in Charleston, SC:

Amendment to Article VI, Section 4 is available here.
Amendment to Aricle VII, Section 2 is availalbe here.
Amendment to Article XII, Section 2 is available here.

NLSSA Mission Statement
(as amended Jan. 23, 1998)

The National Legislative Services and Security Association (NLSSA) is organized for the purpose of protecting and furthering the interest and concerns of the legislative process in state governmentand their contituency, and in particular:

  • To perpetuate and develop the association as an agency for cooperation among members
  • To recommend improvements and efficiencies in the methods of state government related to the members duties and responsibilities.
  • To provide a comprehensive national training program to improve the professional standing of members by exchanging ideas and expert advice.
  • To collect, compile and distribute information about state government and administration of state affairs.
  • To provide state officials with accurate and helpful information for the development of sound practices related to the members duties and
  • To do any and all things necessary and proper for the benefit of state legislatures in the administration of their affairs.